Monday, 10 March 2014

Click, Capture, Host!: Photo-Portfolio on WordPress

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” -  Ansel Adams


And a great photograph must always be shared. WordPress offers it’s admins a host of beautiful themes that will turn your portfolio into an online art piece. As a professional or an amateur, you’d want your work showcased on a platform where it’s accessible to everyone - not just an art gallery or the walls of your studio. Stepping into the virtual world armed with your creations can be a great move. Not only will it help you reach out to a larger, more global audience, but it will also manage your work portfolio better.

Getting Started

Creating a website can be an enthralling experience! From selecting your ideal Content Management System (CMS) - that should undoubtedly be WordPress, to picking a theme - it can stir your creativity to hilt. Moreover, the free and open-source feature it instills.

The CMS should enable website updation and management in every aspect. Most photobloggers recommend WordPress Hosting, as it allows for extensive play with design and visual elements, besides the ease of access and usability.  

In addition, a hosting account must be set up immediately. WordPress Hosting is provided by number of excellent hosting services. With a limited number of free domains, 30-day money back guarantee and WordPress trained support available round the clock, you can sit back and relax with such famed service providers.

Picking a Theme


The better things in life are free. But the best usually comes at a slight price! While there exist a number of free themes, some of the advanced and visually appealing themes are paid. But whether free or paid, your only criteria should be choosing a theme that is well-suited for a portfolio. The usual blog themes are fine however they won’t support the display of your photographic work as well as the dedicated themes. Picture sizing, quality, caption options and positioning, will all be determined by an apt theme. For example, dedicated themes like Hero (responsive) Modern Portfolio and Ink are some popular ones preferred by photobloggers.

The Functions of a Theme

A theme can either create a stunning first impression and encourage a visitor to explore your site further, or it they might never return! In order to avoid the disastrous possibility of the former, see what options you have before you - and mind you, they’re truly endless! 

Display of images can be in horizontal, vertical or square layouts. Furthermore, column layouts and viewing options also can be explored on most themes nowadays. Navigability can be enhanced as per choice, by using full screen or thumbnail mode. Basic features that accompany most themes for portfolios are responsive design, logo-adding, background image and parallax scrolling combined with a host of writing styles.

WordPress Support

Community support can be very decisive when it comes to using a particular CMS. To get to knowing the medium better, to reaching out for support, the WordPress community is always there for you. Not only is the safety of your account paramount to WordPress, but also the added advantage of it being very SEO friendly. The way it’s been developed will ensure you and your work go places. The only job you do, and do well - Make photographs, not take!